Magnetic Coupling

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The traditional coupling is contact-type. The service life is limited for wearing. Moreover, it will cause leakage problem for the defect of motive seal in the sealed needed working environment. The service life of magnetic coupling is greatly increased for the non-contact working with magnetic coupling theory. Whatˇs more, the problem of leakage is avoided for the usage of static seal instead of motive seal.

With many years experience in magnetic technology field, AIC will provide you professional magnetic products and service. Optimized production design and application solution will be provided to you for we have capability of customization and self research and development.


Non-contact magnetic coupling applied with magnetic coupling theory. Non leakage, high precision, high efficient by static seal. It is wildly used in chemical industry, pharmacy, electroplate, papermaking, etc.


●  Professional Magnets & Magnetic Assembly Supplier
●  In-depth Understanding of Seal-Less Magnetic Drive
●  High magnetic energy & High dimensional accuracy
●  Hermetic separation of the driving and driven side
●  Professional engineering support, Custom-design product


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