AIC Magnetics Ltd (Shanghai)

Precision Neodym Magnets

for Automotive Sensors, Motors, Actuators, Generator, VCM, MRI, Separator, Speaker, and Magnetic Assembly

Quality Assurance

  • Precision Material with Tight Tolerances
  • Strict Quality Control Processes
  • Harsh Environment Endurability

Competitive Price

  • Over 30 Years' Business Experience
  • Deeply Understand Material Matket
  • Professional Magnets & Magnetic Assembly Supplier

Fast Delivery

  • Certain Control of Production Process
  • Partner with DHL & UPS for in-time service
  • Fine & Durable Packaging Provided

Engineering Capability

As a magnetic materials application technology expert, AIC have advanced magnet material properties analysis facilities, professional analysis software and experienced senior technical engineers to help customers better select the appropriate magnetic materials.

  • In-depth Understanding of Magnetic Application
  • Available for Customized Dimension and Shape
  • Professional Engineering & Design Support
  • Magnetic Measurement Capacity
  • Physical and Corrosion Resistance Test Capacity

We also can make various magnetic components as per customer request. We commit to the ESI (early supplier involvement) mode, which will help customers shorten product development cycles, reduce cost and improve product performance and quality.

Featured Products

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