Magnetron Sputtering

Magnetron Sputtering

Widely Use of Magnetron Sputtering

Magnetron sputtering is a very common vacuum coating equipment, which can be widely used in various applications that need to improve the performance of devices with thin films. Take the optical field as an example, anti-reflection (AR), infrared filter (IR-cut), ultraviolet filter (UV-cut) and other optical elements can be prepared by sputtering technology.

In addition to the field of optics, the application of sputtering technology in the field of mechanical processing or semiconductor is also quite a number of cases, such as the protection of the processing tool or the hardening film of the drill bit, the self-lubricating film to extend the service life of the mold, the protection of the Probe Card cantilever needle for bare crystal testing, etc.

Permanent magnet materials commonly used in magnetron sputtering


Magnetron sputtering uses permanent magnetic materials with diverse appearance and shape, which have high requirements on the consistency of the performance of permanent magnetic materials and the behavioral tolerance of products. The common type of permanent magnetic materials is NdFeB, and the overall demand depends on the demand of customers.