Magnetic Quenching

As a specific permanent magnet supplier in electric switch industry, AIC supply the high-performance Sintered Neodym Magnet, Sintered SmCo Magnet and Sintered AlNiCo Magnet, which is used for magnetic quenching in the DC Breaker, Contactor and Relay.

The feature of the magnet has bright and clean appearance, high-precision dimension, good consistency, no need further machine, high magnetic performance, high temperature resistance, stable property etc. The magnet can meet the requirement of high speed quenching, widely used in the high power switch of the electric vehicle, hydrogen fuel cell drive system, ship equipment and solar power generation etc.


Industrial Experience

More than 30 years’ experience in magnetic material industry

In-depth knowledge of magnetic application in the field of electrical switches for long-term

Engineering Development

Professional electromagnetic field simulation engineering development and design

Experienced magnetic application engineer team


Professional magnet and magnetic assembly of the production and processing capacity

Perfect product quality control system


Magnetic quenching of DC breaker, contactor and relay: When the switch contact breaks the current, the magnetic field generated by the sheet magnetic steel makes the arc move rapidly towards the arc extinguishing chamber under the action of electromagnetic repulsion force, rapidly elongate, cool and extinguish, and protect the contact from being burnt by the arc.

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Magnetic Quenching
Magnetic Quenching
Magnetic Quenching 4