What is Permanent Magnet Motor


    Permanent Magnet Motor adopts permanent magnet to generate magnetic field of motor, without excitation coil or excitation current. With high efficiency and simple structure, it is a good energy-saving motor. Permanent magnet motors will become more and more widely used.

Nowadays, the automobile industry is developing rapidly in China. The automobile industry is the largest user of permanent magnet motors, which are the key components of automobiles. In a super luxury car, there are more than 70 motors of various uses, most of which are low-voltage permanent magnet DC micro-motors. The weight of the motor can be reduced a half by adopting NdFeB Magnet and decelerating planetary gear. 

How the permanent magnet work in Motor


The motor moves in a circular motion, and each slot of the stator can be regarded as a multilateral side. The closer the polygon is to the circle, the more stable the motor will run and the more uniform the torque output is. Each time the stator core passes through the magnet, the force is greatest when they face each other!

In the same design, the more magnetic poles are and the more effective copper is used, the greater the torque is.

Motor torque is jointly generated by magnetic field strength and magnetic field strength generated by the stator in unit current. In general, magnetic strength increases as reflected by the height of the magnet. The stator magnetic field determines the strength by the number of turns of the coil per unit!

Determined whether the motor torque is strong or not based on two points;

1) Height of magnet and material grade of magnet.

 2) Whether the stator silicon steel sheet material and stator winding group are full of slots and equal turns or not


The more turns it have, the more magnetic field per current you get and the more torques you get.

The low number of poles of the motor is definitely arc magnet, which is not mainly for the purpose of obtaining large torque, which is the typical reason for physical shape, in order to achieve uniform air gap, reduce the magnetic gap and then achieve higher efficiency!

The kind of permanent magnet in Motor

Motor Magnet

Permanent magnet materials commonly used in motors include sintered magnets and bonded magnets, the main material is AlNiCo Magnet, Hard Ferrite Magnet, SmCo Magnet and NdFeB Magnet etc.