There are various kinds of Permanent Magnet commonly used in Hall sensors, depending on the applicable environment, application mode and product structure etc, so the use of permanent magnets are very different.

For example, the sharp of permanent magnet is column type in the application of CAM, rotational speed. The angle application used discs magnet very commonly. The arc and rectangular magnet are very commonly used in position switch. Rotating speed application uses multi-poles magnetized ring magnet. The material of magnet used in hall sensor mainly has NdFeB Magnet, SmCo Magnet and Hard Ferrite Magnet.


Hall sensor is a kind of magnetic sensor based on Hall effect, which has developed into a variety of magnetic sensor product family and has been widely used. They can be used to detect magnetic fields and their variations and can be used in a variety of magnetic field-related applications.Hall sensor has many advantages, such as strong structure, small size, light weight, long life, easy installation, low power consumption, high frequency, vibration resistance, not afraid of dust, oil, water vapor and salt fog pollution or corrosion.


Hall sensor has a wide range of applications, common applications include: displacement position measurement, force measurement, Angle measurement, angular velocity measurement, linear velocity measurement etc. For example, in the automobile industry, neutral switch, speed, acceleration, door switch, CAM position, crankshaft position, accelerator pedal, Hall sensors are all present. More, the Probe of tesla meter used to detect magnetic field is also the result of hall sensors' application.