High Precision Magnets for Semiconductor Equipments

We are proud to introduce high-precision magnets for the state-of-the-art Dual-Stage Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Lithography Platform, which is a key component in the sophisticated assembly of advanced integrated circuit manufacturing equipment. The precision of this equipment is instrumental in defining the integration and performance of semiconductor chips. Central to the system is the ultra-precise, large-travel, two-dimensional planar magnetic levitation stage, which serves as the cornerstone for functionality and precision.


This cutting-edge application demands more than traditional manufacturing standards, setting stringent requirements for the magnets used in these platforms. Specifications such as ultra-high dimensional accuracy, superior magnetic performance, corrosion-resistant coatings, and a flawless exterior are non-negotiable, making precision machining, manufacturing, and inspection of magnets a highly challenging endeavor.


Our deep understanding of the specialized requirements for precision magnets in semiconductor applications has led to our ability to deliver these components in volume with remarkable stability. We offer comprehensive customization services, including consulting design, rapid prototyping, and full-scale production, to meet the precise needs of our customers in this high-tech field.

Product Detail

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• High precision contour machining
• Dimensional tolerance 0.03-0.04mm
• Geometric tolerance 0.02-0.04mm
• Full inspection with high precision three coordinate machine

Magnetic Properties

• High performance neodymium magnets
• Flux deviation <1%
• Full inspection with high precision fluxmeter


• Everlube aluminized coating
• Solvent test passed
• Paint adhesion test passed


• Appearance full-inspection
• High quality, zero defects (No any defects of corners, chipping, burrs, cracks, scratches, pits)

semi magnet 004
semi magnet 007
semi magnet 001
semi magnet 002
semi magnet 005
semi magnet 006

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