High Precision Magnets for Medical Devices

Our specialized magnetic medical devices and equipment harness the attractive forces of permanent magnets, transforming them into functional forces for clinical diagnosis and treatment. This technology enables a range of applications including vascular anastomosis, tissue compression, instrument anchoring, surgical navigation, space dilation, and controllable tracing. It is particularly valuable in diagnostics and minimally invasive treatments for digestive, gynaecological, breast and urological diseases. The integration of this technology with endoscopy, interventional procedures, and surgical robots is expected to drive transformative innovations in surgical techniques.


Given the unique and complex environments in which these devices operate, the design of such magnetic steels often involves micro-dimensions, intricate shapes, and the need for special coatings, making the manufacturing process highly challenging. Our company has a profound grasp of the precise requirements for medical grade precision magnets, having achieved stable mass production. We offer comprehensive customization services, from consulting and rapid prototyping to full-scale production.

Product Detail

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• High precision contour machining
• Dimensional tolerance 0.02-0.03mm
• Geometric tolerance 0.02-0.03mm

Magnetic Properties

• High performance neodymium magnets
• Magnetic declination < 1.5°
• Full inspection with high precision fluxmeter


• Nickle
• Parylene


• Appearance full-inspection
• High quality, zero defects (No any defects of corners, chipping, burrs, cracks, scratches, pits)


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