Magnetic Measurement

Technological Advances in Magnetic Engineering

Magnetic Properties Inspection Capability

Magnetic Material Properties

• Item: Br, Hcb, Hcj, (BH)max, Hk, Ms, μrec, Hk/ Hcj, etc.
• Instrument: Magnetic hysteresis loops measuring apparatus
• Range: Hcj 50~20,000 Oe

High & Low Temperature Test

• Item: Magnetic performance in various high and low temperature environment
• Instrument: High-low temperature test machine
• Range: -40 ~ 130℃

Reversible Temperature Coefficient

• Item: Temperature coefficient and calculation expectation
• Instrument: High-low temperature test machine
• Range: The preset range of temperature

Magnetic Field Distribution

• Item: The special magnetic field spatial distribution of the permanent magnets
• Instrument: Multipole magnetometer
• Range: Magnetic material that the volume is close to 0.03 m³

Magnetic Flux

• Item: Magnetic moment, magnetic flux and orientation angle error
• Instrument: Helmholtz coils
• Range: portable device, automation test system

Surface Magnetic Field

• Item: Magnetic field at a specific surface location of magnets
• Instrument: Gauss meter or specific fixture
• Range: The specific measurement positions

Physical Properties Inspection Capability

Salt Spray

• Item: Corrosion resistance grade
• Instrument: Salt spraying test machine
• Condition: Follow ASTM B-117 standard

High Temperature & High Humidity

• Item: Temperature and humidity endurance test
• Instrument: Temperature and humidity test machine
• Condition: 80~95℃, 90~100%RH

Vapor pressure (uncoated magnets)

• Item: Vapor pressure test of uncoated magnetic material (PCT)
• Instrument: PCT test machine
• Condition: Within 96 hours under 2 atmospheres, 150 ° C and 100% RH

Vapor pressure (coated magnets)

• Item: Vapor pressure test of coated magnetic material (PCT test)
• Instrument: PCT test machine
• Condition: Under 2 atmospheres, 100% RH to high temperature and humidity

Physical Strength

• Item: tensile strength, three-point yield strength
• Instrument: Crushing strength test machine
• Condition: All types of magnetic materials

Low Weight Loss

• Item: low weight loss and coating adhesion
• Instrument: HAST test machine
• Condition: Under 2.5 atmospheres, 130 ° C and 100% RH, with passivated coating products

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