Featured Products

  • High Precision Magnets for Medical Devices

    High Precision Magnets for Medical Devices

    Our specialized magnetic medical devices and equipment harness the attractive forces of permanent magnets, transforming them into functional forces for clinical diagnosis and treatment. This technology enables a range of applications including vascular anastomosis, tissue compression, instrument anchoring, surgical navigation, space dilation, and controllable tracing. It is particularly valuable in diagnostics and minimally invasive treatments for digestive, gynaecological, breast and urological diseases. The integration of this technology with endoscopy, interventional procedures, and surgical robots is expected to drive transformative innovations in surgical techniques.


    Given the unique and complex environments in which these devices operate, the design of such magnetic steels often involves micro-dimensions, intricate shapes, and the need for special coatings, making the manufacturing process highly challenging. Our company has a profound grasp of the precise requirements for medical grade precision magnets, having achieved stable mass production. We offer comprehensive customization services, from consulting and rapid prototyping to full-scale production.

  • High Performance Magnets for Magnetic Sensors

    High Performance Magnets for Magnetic Sensors

    Magnetic sensors are devices that convert various magnetic fields and their fluctuations into electrical signal outputs. They often use magnets in conjunction with Hall elements. These sensors are primarily used to measure parameters such as vehicle speed, tilt, angle, distance, proximity, and position, and are integral to navigation and positioning applications. Examples include vehicle speed monitoring, pedal positioning, transmission location, motor rotation, power-assist torque measurement, crankshaft positioning, tilt measurement, electronic navigation, and anti-lock braking detection.


    As a supplier of high-performance magnetic materials for magnetic sensors, we consistently produce high-quality sintered neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB), samarium cobalt (SmCo), alnico. Our products are characterized by high dimensional accuracy, consistency, strong magnetic fields, high temperature resistance, and stable performance. They are widely employed in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, industrial control, consumer electronics, and military applications.


    Our dedication to excellence in magnetic technology paves the way for advances in precision sensing and ensures reliability in the most critical applications. We are committed to delivering magnetic solutions that drive innovation and performance across all industries.

  • Precision Magnets for Electrical Switchs

    Precision Magnets for Electrical Switchs

    As a dedicated supplier of magnetic materials for electrical switches industry, AIC Magnetics specializes in producing high-quality, high-performance sintered neodymium (NdFeB), samarium cobalt (SmCo), Alnico, and Ferrite permanent magnets. These are critical components for various DC circuit breakers, contactors, and relays.


    Our products boast a sleek appearance, high dimensional accuracy, consistent quality, robust magnetic fields, high temperature resistance, and stable performance. These characteristics make them highly sought after for use in high-power DC electrical switches found in electric vehicles, charging stations, hydrogen fuel cell drive systems, marine equipment, and photovoltaic installations.


    In the era of rapid advances in new energy technologies, there is an increasing demand for high current rapid disconnection in end-use applications. We have an acute understanding of the specific requirements for precision magnets used in such electrical switches. Working closely with our clients, we support the development of innovative products by offering a comprehensive range of services including consultation, design, rapid prototyping, and mass production, tailored to the full life cycle of our clients’ needs.

  • Motor Magnetic Strips

    Motor Magnetic Strips

    Motor magnetic strips are anisotropic rubber magnets made from a composite of ferrite magnetic powder and synthetic rubber or plastic. These materials are flexible, elastic, and easy to cut into various shapes, facilitating automated assembly. They are extensively used in micro-motors for home appliances, communication devices, automotive components, fan motors, and sensors.


    Product Features:

    • Diverse types with a wide range of magnetic properties and minimal fluctuation in magnetic performance.

    • Excellent flexibility, high stability, and precise dimensional accuracy.

    • Custom magnetization options available to meet specific customer requirements.

    • Versatile shape offerings including strips, rolls, rings, and more.

    • Surface treatments available such as smooth finishing, embossing, line drawing, UV coating, and adhesive backing.

  • Carbon Fiber Sleeve Magnetic Assemblies

    Carbon Fiber Sleeve Magnetic Assemblies

    Our innovative Carbon Fiber Sleeve Magnetic Assemblies represent a significant technological leap, incorporating high-performance carbon fiber composite materials into the design and manufacturing of permanent magnet rotor assemblies. With their exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and a multitude of advantages, these assemblies are widely used in the aerospace industry and industrial drives in various high-tech sectors.


    By incorporating these state-of-the-art materials into our design, we are setting a new standard for efficiency and performance in complex engineering systems. Our carbon fiber sleeve magnet assemblies are not just components; they are benchmarks for innovation and engineering excellence.

  • Flexible Neodymium Magnets

    Flexible Neodymium Magnets

    Flexible Neodymium Magnets – a high-performance composite made from a blend of neodymium magnet powder and a polymer matrix. These magnets offer far superior magnetic properties compared to conventional rubber magnets and boast excellent flexibility and machinability. Their diverse applications range from sensors and miniature motors to flat speakers and powerful magnetic attachments, with new uses constantly emerging.


    Our Flexible Neodymium Magnets represent the perfect blend of strength and versatility, designed to meet the exacting demands of technological innovation. Whether for complex applications in precision devices or for robust, everyday magnetic solutions, our magnets deliver performance that you can count on.

  • High Precision Magnets for Semiconductor Equipments

    High Precision Magnets for Semiconductor Equipments

    We are proud to introduce high-precision magnets for the state-of-the-art Dual-Stage Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) Lithography Platform, which is a key component in the sophisticated assembly of advanced integrated circuit manufacturing equipment. The precision of this equipment is instrumental in defining the integration and performance of semiconductor chips. Central to the system is the ultra-precise, large-travel, two-dimensional planar magnetic levitation stage, which serves as the cornerstone for functionality and precision.


    This cutting-edge application demands more than traditional manufacturing standards, setting stringent requirements for the magnets used in these platforms. Specifications such as ultra-high dimensional accuracy, superior magnetic performance, corrosion-resistant coatings, and a flawless exterior are non-negotiable, making precision machining, manufacturing, and inspection of magnets a highly challenging endeavor.


    Our deep understanding of the specialized requirements for precision magnets in semiconductor applications has led to our ability to deliver these components in volume with remarkable stability. We offer comprehensive customization services, including consulting design, rapid prototyping, and full-scale production, to meet the precise needs of our customers in this high-tech field.

  • Precision Magnetic Assemblies for PVD Equipments

    Precision Magnetic Assemblies for PVD Equipments

    At AIC Magnetics, we are at the forefront of permanent magnet technology engineering. Our expertise is particularly strong in the field of semiconductor fabrication, where we specialize in providing key assemblies for physical vapor deposition (PVD) equipments – a pivotal process in semiconductor thin film deposition.


    The PVD equipments play a critical role in the critical semiconductor manufacturing process. Magnetic assemblies serve as its core components. This technology uses sputtering sources to create interactive electromagnetic fields within the processing chamber. This interaction lengthens the electron trajectory, thus increasing plasma concentration, and ultimately boosting deposition efficiency. The configuration of the magnetic field is vital to the PVD process because it directly affects the rate and quality of metal thin film deposition and the utilization of the target material.


    We have a deep understanding of the specific requirements for precision magnetic assemblies used in semiconductor applications. Our products have been consistently delivered in volume and are positioned to replace similar international products. We offer a complete customization service, from consulting and rapid prototyping to full-scale production, ensuring that our clients receive tailored solutions that meet their unique needs.