Custom Magnetic Assemblies

At AIC Magnetics, we specialize in the development and customization of non-standard permanent magnet assemblies to meet the specific needs and application scenarios of our customers. Our advanced processing and assembly capabilities allow us to work with an array of permanent magnet materials, including neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB), samarium-cobalt (SmCo), alnico, and ferrite. These are meticulously integrated with accompanying assemblies made from a variety of materials such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and plastic to achieve precise assembly and thorough testing.


Our custom permanent magnet assemblies are used in a variety of industries including automation, chemical processing, medical technology, and aerospace, meeting the demands of high-end research and manufacturing. As a trusted partner, we are committed to delivering excellence and innovation to our clients worldwide.

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• Diversity: We offer a wide range of permanent magnet assemblies suitable for applications in magnetic sensing, magnetic drive systems, high magnetic fields, microactuators, and more.
• High Quality: Using premium magnetic materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, our products undergo extensive testing to ensure they meet the quality and performance standards expected by our customers.
• Reliability: Engineered for high reliability, our components are designed for long-term, stable operation.
• Flexibility: We provide flexible customization services, tailoring designs and manufacturing processes to the unique requirements and specifications of our customers.
• Expert Team: Our team consists of experienced professionals with extensive experience and technical capabilities, positioned to provide comprehensive technical support and services to our clients.

Magnetic Drive Assemblies

Our main offering in this category is the magnetic coupling, which consists of an inner rotor, an outer rotor, and an isolation sleeve, typically made of stainless steel and other metal materials. Using the principle of magnetic coupling, we achieve non-contact power transmission, a technology that is particularly pivotal in applications such as magnetic pumps, where zero-leakage liquid transfer is critical.


Magnetic Sensing Assemblies

These assemblies are cleverly designed to combine permanent magnets with sensory elements such as Hall sensors to output electrical signals for the detection of position, angle, or speed. Often, these are assemblies made of magnets paired with metal or plastic to create a magnetic field that meets specific requirements while also meeting mechanical structural needs.


High Magnetic Field Assemblies

Using specialized magnetic circuit designs, these permanent magnet devices generate defined magnetic fields (in terms of strength, spatial distribution, and uniformity) within a certain space. They are widely used in applications such as nuclear magnetic resonance, magnetization processes, and biomedicine. Common magnetic circuit designs include Halbach arrays or focused magnet structures.


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