Precision Magnetic Assemblies for PVD Equipments

At AIC Magnetics, we are at the forefront of permanent magnet technology engineering. Our expertise is particularly strong in the field of semiconductor fabrication, where we specialize in providing key assemblies for physical vapor deposition (PVD) equipments – a pivotal process in semiconductor thin film deposition.


The PVD equipments play a critical role in the critical semiconductor manufacturing process. Magnetic assemblies serve as its core components. This technology uses sputtering sources to create interactive electromagnetic fields within the processing chamber. This interaction lengthens the electron trajectory, thus increasing plasma concentration, and ultimately boosting deposition efficiency. The configuration of the magnetic field is vital to the PVD process because it directly affects the rate and quality of metal thin film deposition and the utilization of the target material.


We have a deep understanding of the specific requirements for precision magnetic assemblies used in semiconductor applications. Our products have been consistently delivered in volume and are positioned to replace similar international products. We offer a complete customization service, from consulting and rapid prototyping to full-scale production, ensuring that our clients receive tailored solutions that meet their unique needs.

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• High precision machining: We employ state-of-the-art precision machining to ensure the highest accuracy in our products.
• Consistent Quality: Our products are renowned for their stability and uniformity, guaranteeing consistent performance.


• Competitive pricing: Our rates are reasonable and show a clear advantage over comparable international products.


• Prompt Turnaround: We pride ourselves on a 30~40 day delivery schedule, significantly exceeding the lead times of similar international products.


• Decades of Semiconductor Industry Support: With ten years of dedicated experience in the semiconductor industry, we provide deep and comprehensive support.
• Full Spectrum Services: We offer a full suite of services, including assessment, mapping, simulation, and prototyping, to meet all your needs from start to finish.

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