Magnetron Sputtering Assemblies

We specialize in providing tailor-made solutions to our customers in the form of a diverse range of magnetron sputtering components, including planar targets, rotary targets, and disk targets. These components are compatible with various PVD sputtering target materials and geometries. Our state-of-the-art precision machining capabilities enable us to fabricate complementary parts from a wide range of materials, followed by comprehensive assembly and cleaning. To ensure that our products meet the highest quality and performance standards, we conduct rigorous tests, including hydraulic pressure, insulation, and gas tightness assessments.


We cater to our customers’ specific requirements for magnetron sputtering components. Our services span the entire process, from consultation, design and prototyping to mass production, offering full cycle custom manufacturing.

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The magnets are essential parts of the magnetron sputtering assemblies. The arrangement of its magnetic circuits and the uniformity of its magnetic field directly affect the final sputtering outcome. Due to the heat generated by the discharge of the electron beam during operation, the magnets must also have adequate thermal resistance.

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Machined Parts

Typical machined parts of the magnetron sputtering assemblies include the base, pole shoes, protective casings, connectors, and more. These are fabricated from materials such as low carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, and nylon. Under water-cooled conditions, ferrous components require electroplating for protection.

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Seal Rings

Seal rings play a crucial role in ensuring the integrity of the component chamber, preventing leaks of gas and water. We typically use imported, high-quality industrial seals that promise long-term, stable performance.

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These fasteners include various screws, nuts, positioning pins, washers, retaining rings, etc. Depending on assembly requirements, some of these may undergo surface hardening treatments.

Assembly & Inspection

Following standard operating procedures, individual parts are assembled into a cohesive whole. After assembly, according to operational requirements, multiple tests are carried out, including visual inspection, surface magnetic field testing, helium leak testing, hydraulic pressure testing, and insulation checks.

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High Efficiency: Leveraging cutting-edge magnetic material control technology, our magnetic assemblies enhance the uniformity of the working magnetic field. This not only streamlines the sputtering process, but also enhances coating preparation efficiency and target material utilization.
• Superior Quality: Our commitment to using premium materials and advanced manufacturing techniques ensures top-level product quality and performance.
• Reliability: Engineered for stability and reliability, our assemblies promise consistent, long-term performance, guaranteeing coating quality and preparation efficiency.
• Flexibility: We are well equipped to offer customized products, allowing for custom designs and manufacturing tailored to diverse coating preparation needs.
• Expertise: Our team of specialists boasts extensive experience and technical prowess, offering holistic technical support and service to our clients.

Our magnetron sputtering assemblies find applications in optoelectronics, semiconductors, surface treatments, and more. We cater to high-end coating preparation and research needs, solidifying our reputation as a trusted partner in the industry.

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